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May 16, 2005
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I just read your post about something i don't remember exactly, but in which i saw a long list of website address for ex-demo and sencond hand hifi kits

Although I have spent more than 4 hours tracking down a huge number of posts, I failed to relocate it

It is a bit fustrating to request your help. But if you have bare time, please send me a long list of the web site address.

Please accept my apology for disturbing you.

Thank you in advance

Yours Sincerely,

Nick25 said:
CJ will no doubt chip in soon...

The wigwma list was actually mine copied from the HFC forum yonks ago, so I have no qualms about copying it here for the members of the forum : *****

Matrix deleted !! Primare

Forums with private sales:

Plus: - great tfor searching multiple sites LP Info

Edited to add :

Excellent German second hand website, they DHL courier to the UK :

Some truly stunning kit for the discerning second hand buyer.
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Dear Criggy, Nick25 and CJROSS,

Thank you very much for your effort to help me, specially Mr CJROSS. You are really a Mr. Know All, you know every thing to help members to get grips with Hi-fi world.

:thumbsup: Thanks again :clap:
Mods, any chance of making this a 'Sticky'?
This sticky is terrible your fueliing our addiction ;) Now I'm going to be on all these sites for a very long time .... Why do I keep coming back here, why, why, why .....
Daren't go on that Infidelity site the missus would kill me :rotfl:
Just thought I'd let you know that I've made a custom Google search engine tailored to searching for 2nd hand hifi within the UK, including classified ad sections of forums like this one. I did it for myself (in my quest for ATC Active 50s! :) ), but thought it might come in handy for other folk too.

Find it here:

(The actual URL is but I've registered to make it a bit more memorable!)

It allows volunteers to submit new sites to be included in the search, so if you know of some juicy sites, go ahead and volunteer (or just PM/email me about them). I want to keep it as well targeted as possible, so you get reliable 2nd hand hifi results back, and nothing else.

It mostly seems to work well (though maybe not perfect). I've used before and it's okay, but I'm hoping this Google one will be better, particularly if I can get folk volunteering to contribute.

Let me know what you think.


P.S. - I've cross-posted this on other forums - please don't be offended!
Hi Folks I am new here, I recently bought some bits (amp and speakers) from a guy in Bracknell, his site is, he had loads of a/v stuff in when I went to pick my stuff up. Cheap too.
Here's a silly question for you all :thumbsup: can someone among you help me with a tuner problem? I bought a Ariston THX 510 from eBay, it works fine, apart from no manual!!
Every time I tune in a station it detunes when I try to tune/programme in another station on a different button on the presets. Can anyone tell me how to programme the presets permanently or point me in the proper direction

heres hoping :lease:
I've just been zapped with a Trojan after clicking on the Matrix HiFi link on the list in post 3 , mods please check it out so no-one else gets it .
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The post on HiFi Choice has been deleted.
I've just been zapped with a Trojan after clicking on the Matrix HiFi link on the list in post 3 , mods please check it out so no-one else gets it .

Have deleted it from post 3. Not much I can do with a post I made 3 years ago V70SES, that is subsq. hacked by halfwits a few years down the line.
Can I add my my site to this list: Hi-Fi Hunter - Second hand, used or ex-demo hi-fi and home cinema bargains.
Its another second hand / ex-demo search engine, (similar vain to Dunkyboy's site he listed above, but more up to date). It covers lots of forums, classifieds sites, ebay and Hi-Fi dealer ex-dem/clearance pages.

Mods: if you feel this is too much self promotion, apologies in advance, just seemed no worse than Dunkyboy's post about his site earlier. :)

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