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My two year old Pioneer 540HX dvd recorder seems to have mysteriously broken ( it kept saying HDD repairing and now is unresponsive when switched on - disc tray wont open and screen blank if on the HDD button ).

Sadly my husband died two months ago and he would be the one to sort this kind of thing out so I am completely out of my depth.

Assuming I need to buy a new dvd player/recorder could some kind person please advise.It has to be multi region ( or capable of being hacked ) and play divx - I have a Toshiba TV 36ZP48P and know nothing about upscaling ,HDMI or progressive scans etc

I know I could probably find what I need by doing a search but don't know what to search for. Any advice as to what cable should be plugged in where or whether I should buy any special cables would be really helpful too

Thanks in hope


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Condolences on your loss.

How much do you value this player? what I mean is would it be worth it to you to have it repaired if poss.If that is the case then,should you have the handbook to hand,there will be a Contact in there,usually on the inside of the back page. Describe the symptoms and they will advise you.

I am sure,that any minute now,someone will be on this thread,giving you a contact number and suggesting other alternatives.We try to be a helpful lot.

Just try to pioneer helpline first befoe spending lots of money on new stuff.this can be an expensive hobby.

Thers always someone here to try and assist.


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