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Help for a LC-26GA4E beginner!

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by yeldernai, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. yeldernai


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    Please excuse my ignorance, I know some topics will have been covered elsewhere but I'm a bit confused.

    I have just splashed out on a Sharp LC-26GA4E (after consulting these forums) and am delighted with it. It looks great (in titanium) and the picture seems excellent - especially compared with the prehistoric Toshiba widescreen it replaced.

    I have set it up with my old kit - with cheap no brander scarts etc.
    I realise this won't get the full potential from the LCD but what would people recommend?

    I have Sky+ attached via antenna input and scart to input 1.
    Also a Sony DVD via scart to input 2.

    Would better quality scarts (gold) help or should I go for something different altogether?

    I'm not sure what does what and need the alternatives explaining in laymans terms.
    Any settings worth changing on Sky+ setup?
    I would also like to connect Sky+ to my laptop as I believe I can use this as extra hard drive space.

    Any help greatly appreciated - thanks in advance.

    one more thing - has anyone got the LC-26GA4E to work with the Sky+ remote controlling volume etc, I've not even managed that!!

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