Help for a complete newbie



Hi all,

I am looking into buying my first digital camera.
I have a budget of arount £300 for the unit.
Obviously I want the most bang for my bucks.
Any ideas? I would probably want something that is microdrive compatible (no included in the budget)

Thanks in Advance

Hi welshman,

I've got a Canon Powershot S50 with 5MP
and it is micro drive compatible.

Delightet with the Camera takes very clear bright coloured pictures.

Price was over £400 just a few months ago,
but a pricecheck at
showed me that it has come down to around £300.

hope this helps a little,

P.S. the camera gets very positive reviews in any magazine as well so it's not only my opinion.

Thanks for your reply, this was actuallt one of the cameras I was looking at.
Good to see more positive feedback.
How easy is it to use?


It's a fine camera the S50 I have the canon ixus400 which is another canon i can vouch for.

S50 has all the auto functions to get you started, and has all the manual function for when you get more advanced
How easy is it to use?

Well i personally find it very easy to use, the auto mode is pretty much spot on, so if you leave it on auto you can just click away.
The only thing is that some of the controls are too small for my hands and i tend to press more than one button at the time,
but this is a minor issue and would be pretty much the same with every camera.

Here's some reviews for you
Thanks for your advise guys,
Looks like this is the camera for me.
Just need to decide now if I am to but it here or when I get state side.

Thanks for your help

If I go for it, can you guys recommend a microdrive.
Should I go for 1 or just go for a large flash?


I am not a big fan of large cards because you can lose a lot of files if something goes wrong, or you lose it. Better in my opinion to not keep all your eggs in one basket and get a 256 and a couble of 128s.

My 2ps worth

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