Help for a Beginner, AV63+??


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Hi all, after recently buying a new TV from recommendations on here, panny TH-37PX80B, I'm now after a little help on the audio side. I'm currently living in rented accommodation and can't easily route cables, so I think I only really need a 2.1 setup. But I'm going to be buying my own place in the nearish future and will probably want 5.1 as I'll be able to hide cables a lot easier.

After seeing numerous recommendations on here for the Yamaha AV63 plus it looks like a good bet. My question is, if I where to go with the AV63, can it be programmed to output only 2.1 or even 3.1, if theres any such thing as 3.1, as i assume the amp will be set for 5.1 in some way? Other options on different will be well received to!

link to system Yamaha AV63 Plus

Thanks in advance!


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Sorry to be a pain but I really need some help, I'm totally clueless, if I've posted in the wrong could this be moved?! I don't want to sound pushy, if I do, sorry!

My main question is can amps be programmed to output 2.1 or 5.1 as desired as I assume outputting to just 2 speakers if set to 5.1 would degrade the sound in some way! Reasons for this are in my first post!

If this is possible then I'm after some opinions on an amp and speaker set that can be had for about £300, as it seems peter tyson have stopped doing the AV63+.

Any help is much appreciated!!
hiya matey, the yamaha av 63 should be just fine for what your going to be using it for and is highly recommended for a entry level system, the speakers are not as highly complimented as the amp but then again from what you say your not exactly wanting to rip the house in two.

tbh when i first started getting into home cinema i was after the av61 similar to the av63 did tons of research on the item and found it came highly commended.

so if your new to av side of things i would definatly recommend purchasing that kit.

also the amp caters for opticals for xbox etc so your sorted.

and yes you can set it to 2.1 mode doubt you can set it to 3.1. there is a stereo mode for 2 channel audio and pro-logic mode to use all speakers.
regards, luke.
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Massive thanks for the quick reply, but like I say Peter Tyson doesn't look to be doing the AV63+ anymore. Might ring them in the morning or monday if need be as the amp that came as part of the plus system looks to be about £300 on its own!


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No need to apologise - not sure how this slipped through, but as ResidentDeagle says it's no problem, the amp will allow any comnination of speakers.

Incidentally, I have a rented flat and was concerned about cabling for rear speakers (laminate floors etc), until someone recommended this flat self adhesive cable (IXOS XHS223 ) that simply sticks to your skirting board. I've had it on for over a month and it seems like it will peel away without damaging the paint.


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