HELP! Focus problems on LCD TV



HELP :lease: .

I have a Philips 32PF7520D which has been fine for since I got it back in December 2005.

Every so often I find that the screen drops out of focus. You know like when you have beer goggles on.

I only ever use the AUX2 channel, which I have my sky+ connected to, as I have a really poor TV signal and digital is a non-starter!
The problem is more noticeable when viewing the epg and sometime looks like any of the blue content is pushed further into the centre of the screen, leaving larger pale boarders.

This seems to have become more frequent over the last couple of months. Almost getting to the stage that it occurs every other day. It was terrible on Saturday when I was using my Xbox on AUX3 and it took 5 attempts to get it to stay focused.
I get it back in focus by either turning off the set or by switching to the terrestrial channels (snow).

I have always turned my TV set off rather than leaving it in standby during the day and night. My TV goes on at about 6pm and off at 11pm.

Some help of what to do next or how to overcome this problem would be much appreciated.
Has anyone else come across this problem with any other HDTV or SKY+?

I purchased an extended warrenty when I go the TV, but worry that if I try to send it back then they may not pick up the problem as when it stops going wrong it stays ok for about 3 weeks

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