Help! Fixing a cut in the rubber surrounding!



Hi, I tried searching for post regarding this kinda damage but no luck with any useful result...

As you can see from the picture, the cut isn't that's on a 8" woofer of a JBL N38...
Few things I'd like to know:
1) Will this cut affect the speaker's output?
2) Will it shorten the life of the woofer?
3) What do I need to fix it? I'm assuming there's some kind of glue-like black rubber compound that I can apply over the cut.

The tweeter's dust-cap was dented too...I popped it back up using tape but there're still few tiny dented marks on it. Any suggestion on how to smooth the cap out so that the dents become less visible?

Thanks people...
This is my first time owning big speakers~Really happy to join everyone here in this forum~!

I know my setup aren't anything cool compared to everyone else's, but anyone can give me some comment on it with suggestions on what I can upgrade in the future for sound improvements?
Receiver: Kenwood VR-4090 120Wx5
Front: JBL N38
Center: JBL N-Center
Rear: JBL N26 (I also has the newer E20 on hand, which one's better?)
Sub: Mission 700ASi



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A tiny dab of cyanoacrylate on the cut before holding it back in the correct position will do the trick (remember not to stick your fingers to it, though!!).

It shouldn't adversely affect the life of the woofer unless you use it regularly at really headbanging levels!

The tweeter is a different story, though - tweeter domes are very sensitive to shape and form and when you dent one you remove both the shape and the inherent rigidity of the form. No matter how much you use sticky tape or the old trick of sucking it back out with a vacuum cleaner it will never perform quite the same again. Whether you consider it audible is entirely up to you but the only proper way to restore performance is to buy a new tweeter.



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Don't put your system like that, practically every system owned here is that persons pride and joy no matter how much it cost outright. :thumbsup:

You could perform the repair as suggested by Adam, alternatively replacing the driver shouldn't be a difficult job. Just unscrew the old one, swap the speaker wire over and screw in the new one. I'm sure JBL will be able to supply you with a replacement for a few pounds (replacement driver on one of my Missions was about £25).

As for the tweeter, if you can't hear the difference then there's not much you can do to repair it further. If it's really causing you trouble then you'll have to replace it, again it'll just be swapping them over and the tweeter should be even cheaper. :)


Thanks for the reply!! :)

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try it asap but I don't quite understand what you mean by "before holding it back in the correct position"...should I be pushing the woofer inward or hold the whole speaker at some kinda angle before applying the cyanoacrylate?

Yes, I love them, sound is so smooth coming out from them and they put out very nice, tight bass that I really wanted~~
comparing w/ the perfect tweeter on the other side, I couldn't tell much difference from between with the woofer, not much difference...
I was just worry about them in the long run, and I do like to replace them eventually.
However, since JBL has no dealer or service center in Canada, do you guys know where in UK or anywhere else they'll ship to Canada? Those prices you quoted are cheaper compared to the US, which is about $28USD and $33USD for a tweeter and a woofer respectively, and they don't send outside US...



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Sorry - i wasn't too clear! What i meant was you should gently lift up the cut part (with a scalpel or similar) then apply CA to the edge of the cut before putting the cut part back as it should be and holding it there until it dries. The idea is to avoid putting a big blob of glue on the surround!

Don't move the speaker cone at all - just leave it in it's rest position as you do the surgery!


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