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I'm struggling to find a AV stand or cabinet that can meet the following requirements:

  • Hold a 65" (probably OLED) TV and not be much wider than the TV
  • Have enough room in it (preferably on top) to fit a large rear ported centre speaker with room to tilt it if necessary
  • If the centre speaker goes on top (which is what I would prefer), I would also need the raise the TV further up by putting it on something else (any ideas?)
  • Enough room for a Sky box, 1 or 2 4k/blu ray players, an AVR and perhaps a power amp in the future
  • Doesn't cost the earth!

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Finding a solution where I can properly place a large rear ported centre speaker is proving to be a challenge. If I place the speaker on the top of any stand, it will take up a lot of space, which may not leave enough room for the TV. If I place the speaker on the shelf just below the top, I could run in to issues if I have to tilt the speaker upwards (plus I'd need an open backed stand because of the rear port on the speaker).
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I've got a Skovby #773. It's 2 metres long and I have a 65'' OLED and large rear ported centre sitting on top with a bespoke bridge made over it. Inside I have two amps and two players, room for more if you get the additional shelves. Sliding doors which are left open to aid ventilation when both amps are running. Prices vary from shop to shop but usually sold in main furniture outlets.



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How much did that stand cost? That bespoke bridge is going to be the key - how much did that cost or did you make it yourself?


Gone up since I bought mine around ten years ago, prices seem to average £1400. The bridge is bespoke and made by HiFi Racks honestly can't remember how much but certainly over £150.


Looks great, the fronts on stands either side of the unit would look good.
If only I had the room. There's a door just to the left.


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Have a chat with Av4home, got my Alphason there
Mines 1700 wide, but that’s 2units bolted together.
I’m sure they’ll have something to suit your needs, very helpful, my tv is fixed to the wall.
Good luck


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