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I need some help finding decent closed-headphones. These will be my first closed phones but I do own Sennheiser HD 555 and like the sound of them. However, since they are open I don't use them very often as I mostly listen when in public spaces or when someone is close to me.

I listen to a lot of electronic music, drum 'n bass, dubstep and trip-hop but also other genres like modern and classic rock. I exclusively listen to music from my MacBook Pro 2011 and my HTC Hero HD Android phone.

My budget is around £100. I might look into getting a headphone amp in the future.

Thanks a lot!


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I know the HD428, but probably they will not work well with bass heavy songs. They are very neutral headphones, i can give some recommendations on another brands.


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dubstep - try hiend denons powerful bass , with a good headphone amp like a graham slee solo


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I bought a pair of beyer dynamic DT250s to double for a pair of senny HD600s when I needed closed back.

They have about as close as I could get to the frequency response of the HD600s but closed back , are built like tanks , have replacable components if something fails and are very comfortable for long periods.

Sound wise to me they sound very similar to the HD600s but with a bit less space on the soundstage ; very nice to listen to , hardly any colouration. They sound like they are not getting in the way of the music which is what I liked about the HD600s.

For portable duties I used shure se530s for years and loved them (possibly more than the hd600s). I'm now onto the se535s which I'm still getting used to and burning in ; so far not as isolating as the se530 even with the larger olives and they leak a bit more too ( my se530s were near silent in use).

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