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Help finding a tv with no dead pixels!!


Standard Member

Getting a bit annoyed at the moment. I bought a tv from Ebuyer which turned out to be falling apart and had a bright white pixel. SO i sent it back. Then i go another one which had two dead pixels on it. So im sending that back.

My question is where can i get no dead pixels. The only place I can find is Aria.co.uk but the tv i was looking for was about £50 more and they wanted £40 for delivery!

So my questions are:

1) Are there other places that do this check
2) What percentage of tvs come with stuck/dead pixels

Thanks! Ill go calm down now


Distinguished Member
I've bought at least 6 LCD monitors (I know they're not tellys), 2 LCD tellys and 5 plasmas and have never once got a dead/dodgy pixel.
You must be well unlucky mate.


Active Member
There is an ISO standard about dead pixels ISO 13406-2 which is the basis that MOST manufacturers and vendors operate to.

eg see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_13406-2

So a 'Class I' panel = 0 flaws.

I remember noticing a particular manufacturer of panels had their own published standards (though maybe they are all based on Classes within this ISO std) and if a TV is advertised as having such a panel in it then clearly sale of goods and trades description legislation would cover that.

Otherwise I think you will find in the absence of a manufacturer and/or retailer making a specific statement as to their pixel tolerance, the ISO Class II standard will be expected to hold as a 'fit for purpose' and 'merchantable quality' standard.

ie you're not entitled to a 100% perfect panel unless the set is held out as having one

Illustration of the principle, including that of 'premium' products with zero defect criteria:
An example is Dell US's policy for Monitors, LCD TCs & even Plasma TVs (even more relevant to detailed textual/graphic work at close quarters on a PC monitor) as they updated only yesterday (even though they still can't use a spellchecker it seems):


Standard Member
Decided to go to a actual shop so tht if I needed to return it I could do so quickly. I picked up the Toshiba 32AV504DB from bennetts for £399 which i took home and looked over the entire screen and theres not a single pixels dead or stuck so YEAAAHHH:clap::clap::thumbsup::thumbsup:


Help finding a tv with no dead pixels!!

Buy a CRT:D

Plasma, CRT or DLP there's a possbility of dead or lit sub or full pixels, or even with DLP stuck mirrors. Considering that a 1080p screen has several million pixels..


Standard Member
Even though its sorted now I still think there dead pixel tollorance is rubbish. The technology for producing them its perfect and instead of telling people that they say that its alright to have dots on the screen. It may have only been two out of a million but i could see them all the time which is rubbish.

Rant over! Gonna watch nice new tv now!

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