Help finding a song with this description of the video


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It's a video from the 80's to 90's a male singer is singing he's wearing all white with long black hair. I think there is candles in it and a piano and orchestra. I thought is was steve perry but I can't find the video. I absolutely love the song but for the life of me I can't remember the name. I thought the lyric was when you see her unborn children in her eyes but I know that is a Bryan Adams song so I am at a lose please help ty in advance


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November rain?
The song i need to find is probably from an indie all male band. It's a current group from the 2000s. It's 3 to 4 members. In the video they was slowly out of the woods. It seems like they were coming home from some type of battle. There outfits could be WW1,WW2, maybe. You hear a cymbal being lightly tapped. The men could be ghost and don't know it. As far as I know the 2-3 men walking in the woods could be coming home from work. The song picks up and it flashes from scene to scene of them singing in modern clothes but with 60s psychedelic lights. Toward the end of the song, two different voices are echoing each other with one voice being deep and the other high piched. Its about memories or visions of you or a girl that's left or passed.


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I'm looking for a song. It's kind of folk/rock music. The video is kind of sepia colored. It's a guy and girl in a cabin, sitting in a chair singing. I want to say the cabin might be on fire, but I'm not sure. I think it came out in the past few years.

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