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So I recently got a Panasonic NV-M10 camcorder, and have all the parts other than an elusive battery charger.
The lead acid batteries have a very strange connection from the AC adapter (pictured, top) to the battery.
This short adapter lead is the one in the middle. I cannot find any chargers that aren't part of a kit with another camera etc.

My thinking is, I either:
  • Buy another whole camera kit just for the charger (£50 but potentially still worth it)
  • wait to see if the correct charger turns up on Ebay (unlikely)
  • Or the best option being I find a modern substitute charger that will give the correct power output for the old style batteries. And then if I can identify this connector lead, I can combine the two parts to get a modern solution to charging the batteries.

I know the AC adapter part is called A Panasonic VW-AM10B and it has the facilities to power the camera directly, or to use this adapter lead thingy to charge a battery.
The power in/output ratings are shown below

This is the battery that it charges: Camcorder battery for Panasonic NV-M10 - AMP9020 |

Is there a name for this connection? It touches to contacts either side, on the end of the battery, you can see what I mean from the pictures below.

If anyone can help find a solution I would be so grateful!
The market is flooded with similar chargers, for slightly lower power models of the same camera but they arent quite the right voltage and ampreage.

Many thanks.

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