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Dec 31, 2003
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I purchased a Toshiba 24Z33 and have had it 10 days. Earlier this week it started making an occasional buzzing noise when a bright colour appearred on screen - now it does it practically all the time and it's getting louder. Watching the Heineken golf this morning it was awful the noise starting every time the sky was visible - which is a lot in golf! Certain logos set it off without fail - e.g. navy with white writing, green with white writing. It's a grating noise coming from the back and sounds like something spinning - could it be a fan?

I live in Yorkshire and bought it via the Net from Digital Point (Electro Centre - Birmingham). They are an authorised Toshiba dealer but don't seem to want to know about it and have twice failed to return a call - they say any local authorised Toshiba dealer will sort it for me. I've tried one called Webb & Barker who said they won't look at it as they don't get paid enough by Toshiba to do repairs. I can understand their reluctance as I should have bought from them in the first place.

Does anyone know what might be causing the fault?

Any advice about how to resolve the problem?
Originally posted by Bettingmad
.... they say any local authorised Toshiba dealer will sort it for me.
Any advice about how to resolve the problem?

Your " local " dealer is responding as one might expect, they have no reason to look at the tv, partly because it makes no economic sense to do so whilst under warranty, partly because they will feel it is the supplying mail order dealer's problem, why get involved. This situation changes when out of warranty because they can charge you as they wish.
To resolve your problem, insist on a replacement or a refund, using your consumer rights under Distance Selling Legislation, your local Citizen's Advice Burea can help, or the advice is on their website.
A refund may be more sensible as a replacement is probably going to be the same. It is a common complaint with this model. :cool:
I'm no expert on consumer rights, and I'm sure you'll get some replies much more informed than mine, but I do know that when a tv develops a problem while it's still covered by it's warrenty (let alone displaying faults after only ten days) then it's the responsibility of the dealer who sold you the set to get it sorted.

If this company refuses to honour such a basic consumer right, then I would take the matter up with trading standards, as trying to resolve things through the dealer sounds like a waste of time.

The dealer is probably well aware that what he is telling you is total rubbish, so hopefully if an outside authority gets involved, he'll realise he doesn't have a leg to stand on.

One more thing, on a set this new I wouldn't even consider getting a repair. Settle for nothing less than a brand new replacement or, better still, a refund. Then you can spend the money with a company with much better service and who is much more deserving of your money.

Good luck.

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