Help ! Epson EMPTW10 - its all gone yellow


Rani Shah

I bought an Epson Powerlite 10 in the US about a year ago (i think the equivallent here is the TW10) . Up until about a month ago everything was fine.

Unfortunately the picture has now gone all yellow. Folk have told me that this is likely to be down to one of two things:
- a dirty lens
- a broken LCD panel

the first is easy to sort out but the latter means bye bye projector :(

The other problem is that finding out will cost about £200 which doesn't seem worth it for an entry level.

Can anyone advise - is there a way of testing the panels at home?

Any advice gratefully received

Rani Shah

thank you for the advice. I contacted them but they themselves only do Sanyo - they were helpful though and gave me some other numbers so I won't give up hope just yet


Standard Member
This may not be relevant to your situation, but I had the same problem with my projector some months back, everything went yellow.

Turned out to be a poor connection inside one of the component leads, which i must have moved somehow, replaced the lead and everything was fine. :thumbsup:

I cannot remember which of the three leads it was now, hope this helps.


Rani Shah

thanks - will try that when I get home and feedback tomorrow

Tyler Durden

Distinguished Member
Not sure about this model, but if you are feeding it with an RGB lead, check that all three are leads working.

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