Help: DVD not showing on Hitachi projector


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I have a real confusing problem. My DVD player does not display on my Hitachi projector. Weirdly every other connected machine works.

I have a Yamaha Receiver, which has the DVD (component), TV Set-Top-Box (HDMI), Wii (component) and Apple TV (HDMI) connected. Out goes a HDMI cable into a HDMI splitter. One HDMI then goes to my TV and the other HDMI goes to my projector.

The STB, Apple TV and Wii all display perfectly on the projector. But the DVD only wants to display on the TV, no signal on HDMI...very confused why????? I also tried to use the HDMI cable from the Apple TV to connect the DVD player to the Receiver but same picture.

Is this a anti piracy issue?????

Please help.:lease:


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Does the wii work over hdmi? I have to have component out to TV and PJ for component in such as my wii as I presumed you could not convert an analogue signal into a digital one.


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This was my first thought (honestly :smashin:) and then presumed the amp was upconverting if the Wii was output via HDMI. The other thought is that there is an output setting on the DVD that needs to set to HDMI.....or that that there is a setting on the amp that allows you to set up the input for each source?

Oh, and also make sure you are not plugging the DVD into an output setting the amp like I might have done once.....a long time ago......:rolleyes: :D


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What model amp have you got Marco.....that will tell us whether it can convert the signal as it passes through....

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