Help! Dualshock constant vibrations!


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Apr 7, 2003
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Portsmouth, UK
I got a Dualshock PS2 controller this week and plugged it into my PC via the usb convertor. It's been working great until tonight when I tried to play Fifa 2004 demo. As soon as I start the game, the controller starts vibrating and won't stop.:eek:
Please, has anyone got any suggestions? I just got rid of my Logitech pc game pad thinking my ps2 pad was going to be much better.
I have never had this problem while playing,

look in game menus to see if u can turn this feature off as its a compatability issue.(will read like force feedback in game menu)

this is a problem i hear on some games but lets face it the ps2 controller was never meant to be played on a pc so there will be some issues.

works a treat for the GTA games
had the same problem,solution is to open the pad up,carefully,apply blue tac around the spinning weights in the handles,no more vibration.:smashin:

but dont blame me if anything goes wrong with your pad afterwards.:smashin:
It's a bit dissappointing because I thought I heard that the force feedback worked properly. I have just sold my Logitech Force Feedback corless as well.:(
In the UT2004 Demo I can dissable vibrations but don't get that option in Fifa 2004 demo. I'm not going to open the pad up but thanks for the suggestion Mr F. There are'nt that many games using FF, and were there are I can use my XBox pad as the vibration does not work with the present USB drivers for it.

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