Help deciding short list for auditioning.


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I have a fairly small media Room 3.5 M X 4M. I have a budget of about £3k for the front three speakers.

These will be driven by a Marantz SR7009 and will mainly be used for movies, gaming and listening to music.

What are my options?


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Monitor Audio Silver 200/300/500 (500 prob too big)
Focal 926/936
KEF Q950

Decent floorstander + plenty in the bank for the matching center.
Maybe consider £1000 on a used power amp then the rest of something like B&W Cm9 S2 (on offer at £1200 down from £2000) or Kef R500 and the matching respective centre speakers?


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Thank you for all your suggestions.

I have an Arcam integrated amp and power amp that I can use to drive the two fronts for music if I need the extra head room.

I rather like the look of the New B&W 704's but I'm not sure if they will be too over powering for the size of the room. Which center speaker would compliment the 704?

I currently have Linn Ninka's and Trikan in my system , but, the space available won't really allow me to get the best from them so looking into options that maybe more suitable.
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