Help! Crushed white on Panny 6HD



I only see one white on the THX optimizer for setting contrast level. (even on contrast level -30)

Anyone know how to lower the input level from the service menu for Panny 6 HD? Thanks

My Panny doesn't have any 'Advanced' menu. When I use the S-video input, the contrast seems to be OK. But the component input gives me the crushed white. Furthermore maybe because of too high contrast level, the colour from the component input looks a bit 'pale' compares to S-video input. Also my DVD don't have any contrast adjustment either.

sorry if it's not the same thing, but on the thx setup with the eight white boxes i see all of them as one big white box.

i turn the progressive scan off on the dvd player and i can see the eight boxes again.

assumed this was a quirk of PS.

anyone out there know?
I think this is in the manual under 'Advanced Settings' - input level?

oh brill, just when i thought i had this plasma thing sussed. :confused:

Gordon can you give more detail about this 'hot signal'. how it's caused, what visual effect it has, how to fix the damn thing (guessing in the advanced setting/input level).

many thanx
and it works! :clap: many many thanx Gordon.

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