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Hi there,

I have Philips Hue TV (purchased in 2019), which has no built in Bluetooth or audio streaming functionality. It does have a host of outputs inc. RCA, 3.5mm and optical audio out.

I would like to stream audio to my stereo which also has no built in Bluetooth functionality.

So I was wondering how I should go about connecting the two? I know I can run a cable from A to B, but I have wooden floors and can't easily burry a cable.

I was hoping that there might be an easy to pair third party Bluetooth transmitter / receiver option setup I could use? However, I'm wondering how I would pair them, if neither are "smart" i.e. have no interface to connect the two.

Any help you guys could be would be much appreciated. I'm not looking for the last word in audio performance, just a simple option with as low latency as is possible.

Thanks in advance! :)


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How far is your stereo from your TV?
The simplest thing would be to have them close to each other and run a simple RCA/Phono cable from one to the other.

If it has to be wireless there are loads of transmitter/receiver combos available but I'd imagine they would all introduce some latency.
Something like this would work, though it's not cheap:
SVS Soundpath

There's loads of cheapo units on Amazon etc but I've no idea how good they would be.

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As others have said 'streaming' sound from the TV to a Stereo amp is more difficult than you would expect - you wouldn't happen to have a spare CAT cable installed from where the TV is too where the Stereo amp is?


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