Help connecting subwoofer to TV+Soundbar


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This is my secondary TV for which we got a cheap soundbar that comes with no subwoofer and only a stereo p2 input.

I have (leftover from the 90's 5.1 system) a Sony SA-WMS325 75w active subwoofwer that has a mono RCA input that is supposed to be connected to the subwoofer output of a amp/receiver.

By looking at the schematics on the service manual, it seems this subwoofer might have the frequency filters (crossover?) needed to connect it directly to the full range output of the TV.

I just don't know enough to make the call if it will work and how to properly connect it. Two questions:

1 - Can someone take a look the subwoofer and let me know if I can just connect to the full range sound coming out of the TV ?

2 - How do I properly connect it? Left, right or should I mix the channels? IF so, how to mix it and still have stereo going to the soundbar from the TV (this is the only spot I can tap audio from)

I can do soldering and some electronics if necessary...

This is the service manual: VE325 WMS325 SS-CN325 V325 sm.pdf

This is the main manual:

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