Help connecting Sony KDL-40V400 Pan. DMR-EX83EB, SKYHD+ and SONY BDV 370


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I have the following equipment:
Sony KDL-40V400 TV & SONY BDV 370 Home Cinema - connected to HDMI1, a SKYHD+ 1TByte - connected to HDMI2 and a Panasonic DMR-EX83EB DVD-HD Recorder - connected to HDMI3.
I have only just bought the Panasonic DMR-EX83EB DVDHD Recorder and I am trying to configure the HDMI3 on the TV.
I can get the set-up to work with a SCART from the recorder to the TV but I have two problems with the HDMI3 :(
First it doesn't show any picture or sound, secondly I cannot find a way to get the TV to recognize it when I do a search for HDMI Devices. I have tried disconnecting the SKYHD+ box HDMI lead but it still doesn't see the HDMI3 connection. :thumbsdow

Does anyone have any idea of how to activate the HDMI3? Hopefully that would also solve the lack of sound or picture. :lease:

Thank you for looking, any help will be truly appreciated - and have a great Christmas.


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Good point I'll get that tried unfortunately it will not be until the 30th now. Thank you for your idea and Happy Christmas.
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