Help connecting Sky Mini using the Ethernet port of a TP-Link M4 Mesh

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Aug 16, 2000
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I recently had SkyQ fitted which has been nothing but trouble.

I always planned for the Minis to be connected via Twisted Pair but my cabling had problems, so they did it wirelessly with 2 repeaters.

This was horrible as I had nothing but trouble and the Repeaters broke my network.. So I fixed the Twisted Pair and moved them over to a Cabled setup.

This was fine for 2 rooms, but not the 3rd as I had no Ethernet.. So I used a Powerline adaptor.. This has been problematic with low transfer rates and its only going to get worse as I need to RCD protect the socket they plug into which will cause no end of problem.

So I decided to install a Wifi "Mesh" network which I wanted anyway.. And my plan was to use them like Powerline Adators in that I would plug the cable from the Mini to the Mesh..

I installed the Mesh today and all looked good. I tested the LAN port on the mesh with a PC which gave good speeds.. So I plugged in the Mini hoping it would work.

I had to do a bit or re-activation and reset the network, but it came on with the 2 ticks.. But I just get "Technical Fault" instead of video.

Connecting a Laptop to the same port is just like plugging into the router.. I get good speeds and can connect to the internet, but for some reason the Mini doesn't like it.

I am wondering if it doesn't like the "routed" network? My main network is 192.168.1.x where as the mesh is 192.168.68.x

But I can ping/connect all devices to each other across both these networks.

It doesn't surprise me that this doesn't work.. But its really disappointing as this is the only way I am going to get a cabled connection to this Mini.. Does anyone have any thoughts as to what might be wrong?

I think I just worked it out.. I was just looking at the Deco app and saw that there is an IPTV option, where I can "tunnel" a link from a port to a port.

I didn't really know what I was doing.. But I selected Bridge.. And the top ports of 2 of the Decos.. And now when I plug the Mini it, it get an address from the 192.168.1 network (The same as the others) and it immediatly works... So clearly this feature creates an "VLAN" or "Tunnel" through the network.

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