help connecting power switch to socket 478 motherbaord


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Am having trouble connecting a compaq presario 6207e power switch to the socket 478 motherbaord

I bought this from a computer fair, went back to the guy and he said ill have to take the pins out the connecter thing and manually connect them to the motherbaord

now the problem is i need to connect them up but i dont know where on the motherbaord i should connect them

can any 1 help

we have to connect the power switch pins and the led pins

any reply will be welcome.



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yes they dont make the compaq motherboars anymore, so i had to go for tis mothebaord, if i can remeber its a ti socket 478 motherbaord paid £28 or it

everything fits apart rom the disc drive which am not bothered about, but the power switch conncter i to big.

so the guy told me to take the pins out and connect them manually, jus need advice on where to put them
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