Help connecting Pioneer VSX-830 to passive speaker bar


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Hi all, I am trying to connect my Pioneer VSX-830 to my passive speaker bar Dayton Audio BS41, and my LG smart TV. I did the following:

1) Connected the HDMI OUT from the AVR to HDMI ARC port on TV.
2) Connected the left, center, and right front channel terminals on the AVR to the corresponding terminals on the speaker bar.
3) Connected my Bluray player's DVD output to the HDMI 1 (DVD) input of the AVR.

With this setup, I can see the video from the bluray player being played on the TV. However, no sound comes from the passive speaker. The LCD display on the AVR shows DVD STEREO. I have double-checked that the positive and negatives are connected properly for each connection. Since this is a new speaker, I tested it by briefly connecting the other end of the speaker wire to the positive and negative terminals of a 9V battery. For each of the speakers (left, right, & center), there was a loud pop sound when I did that.

I also connected the AVR to my phone via bluetooth. It is displaying the song that I am playing on the phone, but no audio is coming out.

Can anyone please advise what I am doing wrong? Thanks.


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Does the AVR have a speaker setup or test mode? Have you configured the speaker pattern?

A 9v battery is a bit big to test small speakers with. An AA battery is normally enough. I doubt however you would have blown anything.

Is the equipment new or 2nd hand? Do you know it all worked before you started putting it together?

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