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Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by SeeNoWeevil, Aug 29, 2005.

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    My samsung LE32R41BDX is arriving soon and I was wondering the best way to connect to my pc.

    My pc has both VGA and DVI connectors, the VGA is used by the monitor.

    The tv will more than likely already have both HDMI and VGA connectors used by other sources (I'm not even sure the tv accepts pc input to the hdmi port) so it looks like I may need to swap cables over when I want to use the pc on the lcd. This isn't too much of a problem but I'm not sure how to go about it exactly.

    The gfx card is an Nvidia 5200 running Linux. Can I use a dvi-vga adapter on the free dvi port (I presume I need to tell the card to output analog through the dvi connector)

    Secondly can I have both the pc vga plug and the other vga source (Xbox 360 when it's released) split and both fed into the back of the vga port on the tv? What would I need, also any suggestions where to buy these components?

    Or would I be better off doing the same but having a long dvi cable (5m from comp to screen) and having a dvi-hdmi connector and splitting that into the back of the tv? Assuming the screen accepts pc input via the hdmi port.

    Many thanks


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