Help connecting new DVDR to Sky/TV


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Just got an Ellion DVR-900A DVD+r today and i cant for the life of me get it hooked up properly. I have a tv with 1 scart and a sky digibox, the dvdr has 1 scart output. Ive connected the dvdr scart to the digibox scart-in and the digibox tv out scart to the tv which gives me sky only with no dvdr. Then in the Sky options i enabled the scart control which lets me have both Sky and dvdr but not together, Sky works when the dvdr is off and when i turn the dvdr on it automatically takes over and no Sky. So i cant record Sky at all and the switching over to terrestrial tv thru the dvdr takes about 20 secs to happen since it always tries to access the dvd first before switching to tv. I no longer have any sort of access to terrestrial tv as controlled thru the tv remote, the dvdr handles it now, but as i say, 20 secs before it happens, useless!

Im used to a crappy video/digibox setup with no scarts at all, just RF. But when i hit the buttons the pictures there, is there a way to get similar performance from scarts? Anyway the main problem is not being able to get the terrestrial and Sky working concurrently and not being able to record Sky.

Im pulling my hair out here.
Thx for any help.


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Should anyone still care, i finally got the issue of recording satellite sorted out but, ive just realised that i can only watch the program being recorded which isnt much good. Oh well back she goes.

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