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Help connecting DVD to Sony STR-K880



Please can someone help before i start throwing my new av unit around the room!

I am trying to connect a Samsung DVD-HD850 to a Sony STR-K880. I have the hdmi connection plugged in which gives me an excellent picture when the dvd input is selected but no sound. I have the digital optical lead connected from the dvd to av but there are is only video 1 + 2 to choose from and not a dvd so to get sound i have to switch the input to one of these but leaves me without the picture.

I'm sure there's a solution but can't figure it out. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.


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been having problems with the same amp for the last couple of days, perhaps we can help each other!!
I've found that the HDMI on this amp only carries sound to the tv speakers and will not output to the speakers connected to the amp (actually says something to this effect in the manual)- not good for me as i'm connecting an LG RH200MH to a panny 50" HD plasma that doesn't have speakers. I believe (could be wrong) that the amp only passes the sound/picture signals through to the screen and if you have seperate surround speakers the only way to get sound from the dvd is to run it through phonos to the dvd channel on the amp. I've selected the hdmi input on the screen for the pics and dvd on the amp for the sound and all is now working.
Another problem i've got - if you can help- is the speaker set up... i'm running kef 3005 eggs (which WILL sound great!!!) but need to set these to small - i can't for the life of me find this menu - is it on the OSD menus or the amp menu... phoned sony - useless, phones richer sounds - useless - anyone????
The manual doesn't even mention it!!!! i've got to say the amp seems great at the price but is very hard work:)



Does the 880 not have assignable digital audio inputs (ie you can tell the receiver to assign DVD to, say, optical input 1) ?

Don't worry too much about what the labelling says - you're allowed to stray from that !

Pretty sure it will be covered in the manual (so should speaker size setting) :)


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you can reassign on the 880 - but to be honest i'm just pleased to finally have it working :) the speaker size setting thing is bugging me though - for the 1st time ever i've actually read the manual cover to cover and everything is there apart from that - gonna have a good run through the osd menus tonight and see if i can find it (the only place i haven't thoroughly checked)



Can anyone help me with configuring the connections to a new Sony STR-K880 receiver (part of HT-DDW880 home theatre system).

I have :
Sony STR-K880 receiver
Panasonic DMR-EX75 HD PVR/DVD
HD LCD/Plasma TV (future)
Epson EMP-TW20 Projector

I thought I could have one video output via Component to the Projector, and in the future also HDMI to the (future) LCD TV.
ie :
STR-K880 Component Out - Epson projector Component In
STR-K880 HDMI Out - future LCD/Plasma TV HDMI In

I connected the DMR-EX75 via HDMI out to STR-K880 HDMI in but could not get any video or audio signal. I now have :

Panasonic DMR-EX75 Component Out - STR-K880 Component Video 2 In
Panasonic DMR-EX75 Optical Out - STR-K880 Optical Video 2 In

I now don’t know what to do with the Xbox to get video to the Epson projector and audio via Optical Out. The Xbox has S-video out and composite video out, and optical out.

Any help much appreciated.
Thanks, Paul

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