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Looking for advice please, I recently bought a JVC HR-J795 and cleaned the head and a inside, I connected it to a Denon AVR-X2200W via a eSynic scart to HDMI coverter which is connected via HDMI to a LG-UH850V.

I get a picture via the AUX 2 Setting but the picture is terrible, much worse than some of the youtube videos I’ve seen of vhs through smart TV’s, washed out colours with lines running through the picture. I was not expecting miracles but certainly something watchable as I have many old tapes I never got rid of when upgrading to Blu, DVD 4K Etc.

In the VHS instructions it says it connects either via RF Cable or via a scart & then you must also connect vis the RF cable. This is where I get lost as the amp does have a video out port but the RF port on the VHS player is larger than the amp port & I cant find any cable with one connecting end larger than the other end.

I tried the RF cable direct from the VHS player to the TV and retuned the TV and the picture was much worse the the HDMI/Scart connection.

Does anyone know the best way to connect a VCR to a Denon or a cable I can go straight through the TV? I have watched every youtube video I can find & searched all the amazon & ebay cables but without seeing it in hand I cant be sure what I buy will fit the ports.



You should not need anything except a scart cable- and that is the best you will get out of this machine.

The RF cable is only required for features and reception which are irrelevant now and no longer exist.

You could go direct to TV, but frankly a modern TV is going to display all the shortcomings of VHS very clearly. Even high end VCR's tend to look ropey... but it would probably be better than going via another device.

Additionally, you presumably cannot know the alignment status of this VCR - I presume it is not the machine on which the tapes you are trying to play were recorded.
This is especially a problem if any material was recorded in LP.

It was generally regarded that LP recordings could never be guaranteed to play on anything other than the machine they were recorded on.

Better TV's used to be able to recognise VHS sourced material and automatically apply appropriate filtering but I doubt that exists in modern TVs now - so you may already be looking at the best you can achieve unfortunately.

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