Help! Connecting a dvd player to a data projector via vga



I have a digital projector in my classroom and want to hook it up to a dvd player. The only problem is that it is mounted to the (very high) ceiling and only the vga plug that goes into the back of my computer is available.

Does anybody have any suggestions of what lead would allow me to connect the dvd player to the vga lead? I can connect speakers, so that's not a problem. I would love to play dvds through the computer, but the IT bods can't install the software!

Many thanks!


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check out outputs are available on the DVD and what signals the projector will accept over the VGA input. Then key the info in to google eg

Component to VGA lead (if the projector accepts component and the DVD outputs

Scart RGB to VGA lead ( if the DVD has an RGB enabled scart and the Projector accepts RGB )

Then check the cable has the right male/female VGA connection to link to your lead


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The most obvious answer is to insist that your IT guys install some DVD playback software on your computer.- it shouldn't be difficult. PowerDVD and WinDVD are the most popular and can be bought for less than the price of any lead.

Failing that if your PC is too old, your projector should have a yellow "phono" type connector which accepts a composite video input. You would need a lead that was a scart socket at one end to a "composite video + Left/Right Audio" on the other end. The quality from this connection would make a home cinema enthusiast cringe, but for classroom use we find it more than adequate (I am an IT engineer who works in primary schools.) the red and white connections go to the sound system and the yellow connection goes to the projector.

If the projector is too high up you can always extend the yellow wire with this:

Converting a scart or composite signal to VGA is not really a good option as any device which does this is likely to be both expensive and not very effective

Hope this helps you



Thank you very much for your responses - I'm going to print them and show the IT chaps how helpful complete strangers can be!

Thanks again!

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