Help! component cable but no picture


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hi all

I got a US wii today and it had the composite cables for AV but my HDTV doesnt take composite so I went and bought 4gamers component cable

4Gamers Component HD Audio Video Cable (Wii): PC & Video Games

now, i do not want to get into the merits of this cable vs the official one but my problem is this:

i am getting sound but no picture at all. my tv is set on component.. what can i do? if i put in my composite cable into my component slot on the TV i get a b&w picture but i cannot set my wii to HDTV settings..

whats wrong please help!


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I don't have a wii but I'm pretty sure a wii component cable is meant to short a couple pins in the AV port of the wii to signal to the wii to provide a component signal so either your wii is faulty (unlikely) or your component cable is faulty (most likely). It seems some of the generic low cost cables do have this fault occasionally. Is there any sort of reset you can do with the wii with the component cable plugged in?

The problem may be that your wii is outputing initially a interlaced component signal but your tv will only accept a progressive component signal. I had a sagem dlp set which had two component inputs, one was interlace only and the other progressive only. Your display may be like this it may not have a built in deinterlacer at all. If its just a panel with hdmi or dvi, vga and component type connectors and no tuner etc this is quite likely

Anyway the way around this is to connect your component cable to your wii and then connect your wii to a normal tv using composite using the component cable. One of the 3 connectors for component video carries sync and luminance just like s-video and is exactly the same signal that is the Y or green cable. This will give you a monochrome composite socket compatible image. Then select progressive on the wii menus. At which point the image will disappear on your tv I'm guessing and you will then need to connect it to your progressive only HDTV display. If I'm wrong about the Y/green cable try the other two. I think sync is on green but not 100% sure.

This is all guesswork as I don't own a wii though, I'm only in these forums as I'm thinking about buying one and curious about whats going on in the wii scene.


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i didnt have another tv to work with so couldnt try that

went and bought the official wii component cables and it worked fine .. not sure why 3rd party cables didnt work!


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went and bought the official wii component cables and it worked fine .. not sure why 3rd party cables didnt work!

Certainly not the first person I've heard experience this, quite a few people have had problems with third party Wii component cables. Good to hear you got it sorted after upgrading to the official cable:)

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