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    hi all
    i have to confess i know nothing :confused: i have just purchased a
    vidikron tgs 100 projector on impulse and now i am scared stiff about the install any advice gladly accepted aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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    The basic steps are similar for most CRT projectors. These are:
    * install the CRT at the correct throw distance for your screen size, and check it's alignment to the screen
    * reset the convergence and geometry controls to their mid-points, focus and align the three lenses using Green as the reference image.
    * set-up the picture geometry to give a 4:3 image
    * converge red to green, then Blue.

    This is a very simple overview of the proceedure. The exact method varies from brand to brand so it's very useful to have the install manual if possible. You may also need the original remote to put the projector into 'service mode'. I don't know if that's the case with your Vidikron.

    Talk to Satvision for manuals and spares.

    Next, check for screen size. Set up the projector on a table top about 9ft from your screen and whiz the cover off. Give it a nice bright signal from your DVD player and measure the width of the projected image. It should be about 6ft wide give or take a few inches. You may need to focus the lenses to get a sharp image, and you may also find the three colours don't align completely. If this is the case then cover the Red and Blue lenses and just use the green.

    The Throw Distance divided by Screen Width gives the Throw Ratio for your projector; in our example 9ft/6ft = 1.5 This helps tell you how long a throw distance for any given screen width, which in turn helps you work out where the projector needs to be installed to give your desired screen size. The math is Screen Width x Throw Ratio = Throw Distance. So a five foot screen x 1.5 = 7.5ft Throw Distance in our example.


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