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Good afternoon guys,

I would love a couple of recomendations for the following scenario.

I'm thinking of screenings a couple of films for a limited crowd (maximum 30 people) in quite a small room, mainly used for conferences and I have a bunch of questions which most will probably seem ridiculous but I really have to ask.

1) What projector would you suggest for this? It really doesn't have to be the cheapest around I would actually prefer something in the middle and another suggestion that would begin like this: "but if you can afford this one go for X". A Full HD one would be great. 4k would be completely unnecessary.

2) Is any special type of screen required for a fullhd projector? How big should it be and also should I look around any particular brand?

3) What would be the most efficient layout for the reproducing the files considering I'll be screenings either digital files, DVD's or Blurays? I most certainly will not be screening DCP.
I was considerings a computer running any OS linux or even windows (I haven't had a crash on windows for years) running VLC for example. Is this a bad idea?

4) Keeping in mind my previous question which sound layout would be better? 2.0? 2.1?
Which speakers would you recommend and if I hook them up to a computer what hardware am I going to need to hook them up?

I know it's long and it has some pretty basic questions, but if you have the time and patience for any tips whatsoever I will be most grateful.

Thank you so much.

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