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Help choosing projector


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Hi everyone.

I would like to ask for your collective know-how with choosing the right projector.

I am currently using an old Hitachi PJ200 or so. Was great and still liking it but one of the LCD panels seems to have a burn in now as I have a large yellow blob in the middle of the screen.

The projector is fix installed 4.1m from the screen in the ceiling. The new projector should be in the same location. My picture currently is around 90". Don't want to go much bigger. White walls all around.

I am currently looking at the BenQ 1070 and the Epson TW6600. But cannot make up my mind.

Question is whether I can get a 90" picture from the BenQ? Tried projector central but not getting any wiser.

Still also not sure about DLP.

I use a DLP at work and I can see some rainbow effect which is not nice. It's a dell pj. Not sure the BenQ will be the same.

Any suggestions more than welcome.



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You can't get 90" image from four meters with Benq, it has to be closer that three meters for that small picture.
BenQ W1070 Projection Calculator - Throw Distance and Screen Size

Epson should give picture small enough from that long of a distance but price difference between TW6600 and TW7200 is so small (at least where I live) that I would buy later. Or put in extra money needed for Sony HW40.

Are you sure you don't want bigger picture? How much is your seating distance?

([Edit] Sort of a coincidence, I had an old PJ200 at home and decided that I don't want to go to visit dad when I watch Blu-Rays anymore and bought Sony HW55 that arrived Friday... And for picture size, I have a viewing distance at around 2,6m and I upgraded from 95" screen to 100" screen because I couldn't get enough throw distance for 106" screen.)
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Thanks for the reply. I am sitting right under the projector. So around 4m from the screen. Just looked at the 7200 and HW40. There's quite a significant price increase to the tw6600.

Looks like it will be the tw6600. Any other projector I should consider instead? There's just too much choice out there and the specs all read the same.


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In Finland, by looking from one store black TW6600 is 1500€, white 1600€ (didn't look if there were other differences) and TW7200 is 1640€.

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