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Hi everyone.

Im in the market for some new speakers, standmounts or floorstanders. Right now i have a set of the Mission MX4, they play okay, but i dont think they're as exciting as my old Heco Celan X301.

I've been looking at these speakers:

KEF R100 (maybe add a subwoofer)

Quad 21L2

Acoustic Energy AElite 3

Tannoy Revolution DC6T

KEF Q500

My price range is maximum 650£. But my room is pretty small, so one of the speakers only have about 30cm to a sidewall, and i can maximum give them 25cm to the backwall.

I hope you can help me. I will have no chance to listen to the speakers listed above. I live in Denmark, but thinking of buying from England, as there are some amazing deals :)


EDIT - Maybe i should say, that my amp is a Advance Acoustic MAP-308.
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If you are in Denmark consider the Dali Zensor 5 (UK£499/pr) or possibly the Dali Zensor 7 (UK£650/pr). If you are pressed for space, the Zensor 5 are probably the better choice -



These speaker have been getting very positive response from users. They are certainly a fine speaker for the money.

Check Audio Affair among others -

Dali Zensor 5 Speakers (Pair) at Audio Affair

The Kef A500 has also been getting a lot of positive responses from users.

The Aelite 3 while a good speaker, has not really been updated for a long time. But having been on the market for a pretty long time means the prices are pretty low.

All the speakers you've suggested are good speakers, each in its own way, and I don't really think you can go wrong with any of them.



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At the top end of your budget is the Mordaunt Short Mezzo 6 with a fine all round performance for £650 - Mezzo 6 floorstander.

The Mission MX5 is a well sounding speaker too at £600 - Superfi - MISSION MX5 SPEAKERS (PAIR).

While slightly over budget, Monitor Audio's RX6 is quite a step above in SQ over the Tannoy Revolution DC6T. It normally retails for £960 in Gloss White, but sells for £650 here - Monitor Audio RX6 Main / Stereo Speakers High Gloss White RX 6 on eBay! That's a great deal.

B&W offer the 684 and it's a rather good speaker for the money. However, it too expensive for your budget.
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Wow... that RX6 deal is a great find... !!!
It's a fine speaker for a fantastic price. The seller is willing to post the RX6's for a small amount too.

Haven't seen the RX6 sell for that price anywhere.
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