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I've had my PC quite a few years and im getting the blue screen more regular now so time for a replacement .

Theres so much choice im baffled
I only use it browsing the internet and the odd spreadsheet and the only games i play are via Facebook
Im only looking to spend around £200 or cheaper if possible
Found these 2 to start

Buy HP AMD E2 Inch 4GB 1TB Desktop Tower - Black | Desktop computers and all in ones | Argos


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I'd avoid the new computers at that price. Below about £300-350 you see a big drop off in performance.

Second hand like the first one is a better bet, although I'd probably aim for something slightly newer than the 2012 example. Going by ebay sold prices an 2015 PC with a CPU such as an i3-6100 should be achievable for £200 even if you want to buy from somewhere offering a warranty.
i3-6100 in PC Desktops and All-In-Ones | eBay

I'd expect more of them to show up later in the year once it passes the three year old mark, but it sounds like your current hardware is failing so waiting isn't much of an option.

You could also look at nearly new options (Dell Outlet etc.). The naming conventions of CPU branding are unnecessarily complicated. I can explain if you like but essentially for new and nearly new models you want to look for Pentium Gold, i3, i5 or i7 on the Intel side and Ryzen on the AMD side.


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Didnt realise it was that old 2012, its the same age as my present PC.
May have up the budget ,i was wanting something new or a year or so old Max .
My other option is use my existing Case+PSU ,DVD, and hopefully 8GB RAM and upgrade the MB,CPU+Fan and SSD

or pop to Novatech round the corner and get one of the First 5 on the list
Home PC, Computer from Novatech


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The novatech ones are fine other than the first, but they're double the budget.

A 2012 PC will be using DDR3 memory and I don't think there are many motherboards with DDR3 support left on the market. Do you know the cause of your current problems? Have you run memtest? You don't want to keep the faulty component.

New CPU/Motherboard/Memory/240GB SSD should certainly be doable for not too much more than £200 though.


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£75-80 for 2x4GB DDR4.
£45-50 for a 240/250/256GB SSD.
£40-50 for a motherboard

And then CPU-wise the Pentium G4560 for around £45 is a strong mainstream choice. The Pentium G5500 and Ryzen 2200G might also be worth looking at they offer more power on the graphics side.

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