Help choosing new amp - £600 budget


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I am moving house soon and am hoping to get my H/C system set up properly and start watching more films rather than constantly messing with it in search of something better.

The house needs quite a lot of work so it is my opportunity to hide wires and plan it before decoration. My current set up is :

Fronts - B&W DM602 S3
Centre - B&W LCR60 S3
Rears - B&W DM601 S3

AMP - NAD C320
Processor - Yamaha DSP-E800
CD - Marantz CD63 mk 2

Projector - Panasonic AE500

I want to upgrade to a new amp with a 2nd zone, I will probably move the 601's for this. With the cost of new rears, a mount for the projector and a screen, my budget is about £600.

I went into Sevenoaks and they recommended the harman/kardon AVR 335 as it had a remote for the second zone and they will let me borrow it for a weekend to see if it fits the bill. It seems to have everything I want and also passes the girlfriend test as in looks nice with pretty lights!

Can anyone recommend any others worth a look?

Any help would be a greatly appreciated. :lease:


i would have said a denon 2805 but having just switched to a HK 335 i would say that the HK is the better choice. even if it doesnt have as many easily accessible features as the denon.


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Ekko Star said:
Pioneer AX5Ai

unless its second hand, isnt the AX5Ai closer to a grand?

Ekko Star

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£649 at the moment. Worth breaking the budget slightly for this £1k+ kind of quality.


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I've got the AX5Ai, upgraded from a Sony 1070, and I love it :).


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wow, the AX5Ai dropped in price then at woulda been tempted to buy it instead of my Denon 3803 if it had been cheaper at the time......but i think it was still around £950 (cant remember exact model, AX5something) and i could get the Denon for £

you might wanna hold off till the 3806 comes out, you should then be able to pick up a 3805 for around £700 or cheaper if lucky....thats a rather nice amp, zone 2, etc...

Ekko Star

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I would leave the Denon's out of the running, at that price the AX5Ai is all class.


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MyBoxLife said:
I've got the AX5Ai, upgraded from a Sony 1070, and I love it :).

Any one wanting a Pio AX5Ai better get it quick. I've just visited three web traders sites and they are all out of stock and claiming its discontinued. You might just get one of the last few available if you hunt around now!

Ekko Star

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Spatial Audio aka Tottenhamcourtroaddirect bought up all of Pioneers last stock.

£649 with 2 years the works warranty. They even chucked me in £40 worth of cable for nowt after some haggling ;)

All I can say is...what an amp :smashin:


bought a pio 814 off these guys some time ago and it was spot on.

have a look here as it's a good price for an ax5 :thumbsup:

Ekko Star

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It's a refurb though....


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Where did you see the ax5 for £649 and is the new ax4 better than the ax5?


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Thanks guys for the replys. I haven't looked at the thread for weeks just seen the posts :eek: .

Glad to see that someone has the amp and likes it. Weidass - do you use the second zone? Have you any experience with the A-BUS panel?

Thanks Ekko Star for your advice I will look at that model. :thumbsup:


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if you can hang on a little longer you might get a denon 3805 for under £600 ex-demo from somewhere......this is due to the 3806 coming might even get a new one cheap if a shop had one in stock because an order was cancelled....

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