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Feb 10, 2004
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Am looking for av receiver that’s good for music, HT is secondary. Have trawled this and other review sites but keep going round in circles (magazines seem only interested in what Terminator sounds like). Can’t get to hear any of my shortlist in my area. Have come down to the following and need advice on what they sound like (looking for warm, not tinny, not too bright but not dull). My brief view is that AV stuff including DVD players lack richness so am looking for something where this is not lost; my friends combination Pioneer sounded terrible for CDs even though it had Best Buy by What Hifi!

I have B&W 603s. Marantz 7300 cd.

1. Marantz SR5400ose – respected music sound, can’t biwire,
2. Marantz SR7400 – cancelled order after reading about heat/protect mode issues.
3. Pioneer VSX-AX3 – good reviews but is it good for music. Pioneer also make turkeys.
4. HK 4550 – pricey, 890watts!!! must get hot, some say stereo is good others too bright.
5. Denon 3803 – loved by movie buffs but some say it’s dry sounding for music.

Am swaying toward VX3 as has best build quality (proper banana plug speaker sockets and fan – must help heat issues). Can anyone hear fan when its going, as in AX3 and 4550?

Can anyone with experience of these help? I know it’s all subjective…, etc but views welcome.
consider yamaha rxv1400rds aswell
Vsxax3 is an amazing amp especially using it's front speakers bi-amp function.
And as for the turkeys i thought that was bernard matthews.
Hi blues
The Nad range of receivers are very good for music as well as movies the new t753 is out anytime and i would be willing to bet it would beat any similar priced receivers in stereo mode.I owned the t752 and can honestly say for the price i never heard any av unit that bested it for music.
Cheers Gonzo.

I second the HK 507 exceptional for stereo sound & for HT.

have a search around on the threads the first thing everyone notices about this amp is the stereo performance.

I believe it's one of the best for the price.

507 IMO has a very elegent looking design.

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