help choosing a nice surround setup


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hello there :)

i have never really thought about surround sound as my house is perhaps to small for a nice setup, but i will be moving to a new home which has a pretty big living room and it a total square room, so i was just wondering where i sould start, plase correct me if i am totay wrong here ,

1. a good amp with hdmi and true hd sound (which amp would be a good one

2. 5.1 or 7.1 front and rear speakers (again which make are worth the cash) and also a good sub

3. also i was told satellite speakers give a nicer sound but would floorstanders be better

have i missed any important things out?

i would really appreciate any help as i dont want to buy the wrong things

kindest regards :)


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hi matt

im not sure to be honest maybe up to 1000 would it be a rubbish setup for that

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