Help Choosing a 37" or 40" Gaming LCD


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Hi everyone

I am a bit stuck trying to find a good lcd for gaming, i have ps3 & xbox 360
i would like a screen with low lag time possibly under 30ms.

I have heard panasonics are good for lag time,
i have found one so far a TX-L37S20B with a lag time of 34ms. It also fills the requirements for my other uses standard definition picture is good also pretty decent with hd content, i intend to hook it up to popcorn media player for mkvs.

I have a budget of around £800 to £850

Does anyone have any further suggestions

Any help greatly appreciated



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We've been discussing the Panny's here;

As you probably realise by now, choices are limited if you want <40ms lag let alone <30.

I don't have any other suggestions sorry, because the more i've looked the more i'm convinced that at 37", the Pannys are the best overall choice - if you're willing to go up to "40 the options become broader, but then it's likely that you'll be looking at at least 40ms lag.

If I were you i'd either go ahead and try and find the best deal possible for the S20 or wait for more reviews and feedback on the tx-l37g20.
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Actually, the G20 would probably push your budget over the limit. Although i'm sure you'd find a good deal it's still going to be significantly more, and the prices i'm seeing for the S20 make it very tempting indeed (just under £670 on Amazon). If I were in your shoes, i'd go for it.


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Just purchased the l37s20b from comet for £699 i get PANASONIC DMP-BD45EB-K blue-ray player included, so not a bad deal at all. Going to pick it up in a minute.


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