Help choosing a 32" LCD screen to be fed from a HTPC


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I am interested in purchase a new TV screen, and i am thinking about a 32" LCD screen.
I have a HTPC, that took me a lot of time to tune, and since then is my one and only DVD, that is attached to a projector. I like image a lot (Zoom Player Professional/ffdshow/Dscaler).
A few months ago I gave up of DVD players, because HTPC has a stunning image, much better than any of my previous DVDs players.
At the present time, I am trying to choose a LCD screen, but more i read more i get confused.

I saw (in shops) two models:

Panasonic TX-32LX500F (€ 1650,00)
LG RZ-32LP1R (€1500,00).

First one has a stunning HD image, and an above average SD image (LCD compare speaking), but lacks full compatibility with HTPC (has no DVI input).
Second one, has also good HD image, average SD image, and total compability with HTPC (has one DVI input).
Passion is pushing me toward the Panasonic, but reason is leading me toward LG.

From what i saw here in AVforums about Panasonic TX-32LX500F, there isn´t full compatibility with DVI (HTPC) to HDMI (LCD) input.

Can i get or not a resolution of 1360x768 from LCD display (pixel mapping 1:1), with DVI, not VGA?

At this time i don´t know if i go a step further or wait a few more months for a more compatible display (if one day will be one!!!)

:lease: Panasonic owners with HTPC sources, would you give me an opinion about this?

All i want from an LCD is total compatibility with my HTPC, that took me a lot of time to tweak and a lot of money to assemble. And that be good with sports (pan movements), because i enjoy to watch a lot of football.

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Does your HTPC have freeview PCI tuner?

If so cheaper LG 32 LX2R may suffice.

Benq DV3750 1080i if you want larger screen, compared to a PJ 32" is v. small.


Benq DV3750 has issues with 1080i from a PC, apparantely only available from HDCP device.


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RockySpieler said:
Does your HTPC have freeview PCI tuner?

I mainly watch digital satellite TV with a PVR satellite box. Satellite signal not as good as i wish but it is not bad at all. Better than roof outdoor antenna.
I forgot to say but the main purpose of the LCD is watching TV about 70% of the time (news and sports), surf Web (on the coach) 10%, and DVD/Games 20% of the time (HTPC and Xbox 360).

I will place LCD in the living room.

I intended to have the best picture possible (so Panasonic, for picture quality, is in my wish list), and also a full compatibility with HTPC signal (here is my afraid about Panasonic).
I know that will be no issues with LG regarding HTPC compatibility, but i don´t like its PQ, comparing it to Panasonic.

All i would like to listen, is that DVD to HDMI is full compatible, that i can have 1360x768 in the LCD, without LCD internal scaling.

best regards

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