Help! Choosing a 24" Widescreen CRT


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Dec 4, 2002
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I've been waiting for LCD TVs to reduce to an acceptable amount, although I still think that they are far too expensive for my needs. Therefore I have decided that a 24" widescreen CRT is the way forward right now.

The TV will be located in my bedroom and the smaller, the unit, the better (not much space). The following is my current short list:

Panasonic TX24PS1 Heard good things about this set.
Philips 24PW6407 Looks reasonable, good price.
Sony KV-24LS35 Supposedly the best. Absolutely huge unit, most expensive.
Toshiba 24Z33 Owned Toshiba before. Smallest TV by a long way. Did hear rumours about geometry issues?

I would gladly receive your views on any of the above models.

Thanks for your help.
I'm also in the market for a new 24" tv after returning the Toshiba 24Z33 over christmas.

I've almost decided on the Sony KV-24LS35, as looking around the shops this had by far the best picture of all the 24" sets I looked at. The only things that put me off are that its slightly deeper than the other tv's (not a major problem), and that it's now quite an old model (2001??).

Am also kind of tempted by the Sony KV-28CL10U as it looks lovely and is cheaper than the 24", but I think it's probably just too big for the small room its going into.
Originally posted by nelliott
I'm also in the market for a new 24" tv after returning the Toshiba 24Z33 over christmas.

Can I ask why you returned the Toshiba 24Z33? It certainly has a nice design! What problems did it give you?

You're right the Sony KV-24LS35 is quite an old model now, they really should be thinking of releasing an update about now! :D
Bettingmad - Just seen your post, doesn't really bode well for the Tosh. :suicide:

It seems the set you bought is faulty and therefore may not be representative of normal build quality though. Apart from the buzzing sounds how have you found the set overall?
If it didn't make the grating noise I'd be happy with it. I don't want anything fancy but chose this one for the small footprint as space is limited. One reply to my other thread said my fault is common on that model.

I noticed a newer Toshiba model was on pricerunner this week 24Z37
Tejstar - I found the Toshiba to have severe moire problems (swirling patterns at the sides of the screen) which were particularly bad when viewing NTSC material. There was also a purple line down the right hand side of the screen when the screen went black. Might just have been my set, but I decided to go for something different after I heard that other people were having problems as well.

I believe the 24Z37 model has virtual dolby surround sound in addition to the standard 24Z33 spec.

It would be nice if they had updated the Sony, but it still seems to get pretty good reviews - I guess Sony would rather push their LCD screens for the sub 28" market??
Bettingmad: I haven't heard anything about this set - it's not even up on their website! Although after all the problems people are having I think I'll stay away from the Tosh. :thumbsdow

nelliott: The Sony has got very good reviews and seeing it in person I can see why. The picture quality is probably the best out of all the 24" CRT models, although I haven't seen the Panny set yet.

Do you know whether the Panny is NTSC compatible?
As far as I remember that Philips set won quite a few accolades too :smashin:

Any opinions on the new model?
My tosh is packed up and waiting to be collected - good riddance - back on my 14" portable but it's lovely and quiet. I also noticed the Tosh's purple line down the right hand side on certain broadcasts.
Bettingmad Which model are you going for now?

It seems like all the sets seem to have some kind of issue. I'm thinking of saving a bit extra and maybe going for an LCD. The 23" JVC looks sublime :smashin:
This time I will be going for a model available locally - messing about distance buying is OK when everything goes OK but is too much hassle when things go wrong - just cost me £27 to send the dud back and now have to wait for a refund. Digital Point say if they find the fault I get 100% but only 80% if they can't - it would take a deaf sod not to find it!
I have a Sony KV-24LS35.

Its a nice tv, and the picture quality seems very good to me (I am not an expert).

My main bugbear with the unit is that you cannot have Noise Reduction and Virtual Dolby on at the same time. Very annoying, as I would love both.

Just upgraded to the 28inch (24" for sale if anyone is interested), and this is the same! I'm not sure, but i think the picture is worse on the 28", although its probably me as I assume they use the same tube and so should be identical.
alexjascott - did you have any other problems with the Sony other than the sound settings?

Did you upgrade to the KV-28LS36S ?
Originally posted by nelliott
alexjascott - did you have any other problems with the Sony other than the sound settings?

Did you upgrade to the KV-28LS36S ?

KV-28LS35S actually.

No it had no problems. I thought the sound had started playing up, but it turned out to be a crap scart cable.

My own opinion is that the Toshiba's look like nicer sets, but if they are flakey go Sony IMO.
I got my daughter a 24" Thomson Widescreen for her bedroom.
it is a great set and it also has a multi-region DVD player
built into it. I can get you the model number if your interested.
alexjascott The pq of the Sony is very good but my only qualm is that it’s a couple of years old and still one of the most expensive 24” CRT’s out there. I’ll give the Panny a demo and then make a decision.

rhawk I thought about the Thomson but was unsure of build quality. How long have you had it for and has it caused you any problems?
We've had the Thomson about 4 years now and it has never given
any problems whatsoever. Very happy with it.
Bought a Panasonic 24" PS1 yesterday for the bedroom. Absolute stormer - great PQ using Freeview via RGB scart.
How big is the back-side on the Panny?

I saw the Sony one the other day and it's huge!!!:blush:
Eventually got my refund from Digital Point on Monday. Still tempted to try another 24Z33 assuming that noise problem was just that particular faulty set. I've discussed the TV with a local TV dealer who insists it is an excellent set and never had a report of "caption buzz".
Anyone else had any noise problems?

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