Help choosing a 1080p projector for our living room


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Decided to treat ourselves to our first projector! :clap:

We've been using a 50in Pioneer Kuro TV for over a decade and, though it has been a truly faithful servant (and will continue to be), we want to be able to go big on movie nights.

There are lots of variables to play with, and here are some early thoughts:
  • ~£500 budget. I'm hoping this is enough for very good image quality. Appreciate that blacks won't be anywhere near Kuro levels, but a picture that looks similarly bright and natural would be good. The primary use case would be 1080p movies and maybe the occasional bit of sport. Gaming and TV shows will most likely continue to take place on the TV.
  • 1080p is probably fine for our needs. We have hardly any 4K content, I'm not fussed on HDR, and to this day I really enjoy the picture on the Kuro. I think I'd be happy with 1080p at a much larger size, at least for the next few years. I also figure a full-HD solution ought to be a fair bit cheaper than 4K.
  • No fussed on extra features - HDR, 3D, Smart Apps etc. One thing I appreciate about our tele is that it isn't smart. A projector without an Internet connection would do me just fine.
  • The projector needs to be quiet. In our layout, it would reside on a sideboard directly behind the sofa, putting it literally just above our heads. That being the case, the quieter the better. Is there such a thing as a fanless 1080p projector?
  • Need to be able to connect Xbox to both TV and projector. Not entirely sure how this one would work, but the Xbox serves as our source for everything we watch. Netflix, Amazon Prime and content stored on a home NAS. At the moment the Xbox is connected directly to the Kuro via HDMI. I'd rather not have to swap HDMI cables all the time, so wonder what would be the best way to switch output between TV and projector, some sort of remote-controlled splitter, perhaps?
Here's a basic drawing of our room layout:

For the sake of keeping the wife happy, I'm inclined to project directly onto the wall, as opposed to getting a dedicated screen, at least to begin with. We want to keep the TV setup as it is, with the idea being that once or twice a week we'd fire up the projector, switch sofas, and enjoy a movie.

Sound, however, is proving more complicated. As it stands, the Kuro outputs audio via its own speakers and an attached subwoofer. That works fine and the floorstanding speakers aren't currently used for TV purposes at all, they're used solely for music. I haven't yet figured out a good solution for projector audio. A projector with built-in speakers doesn't seem ideal - sound from behind? - and though I might be able to connect the floorstanding speakers, audio from the side might be odd, too? Considered moving those speakers to the projection wall, but that might raise a red flag with the missus; they look best where they are now. Any suggestions on the audio front would be appreciated.

In terms of natural light, there's plenty of it during the day, but in the evening the room gets very dark. We understand that the projector wouldn't be at its best during the summer months, but hey, it's not like summer lasts long in the UK.

Taking all of the above into consideration, some projector recommendations would be really helpful. Thanks in advance!


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500 will get you a host of options from the entry level 1080 full HD range of projectors from optoma/epson.

You should find something that works but your bigger issue is sound and connections. You can split an HDMI signal into 2 outputs or simply unplug the hdmi as required. However your biggest issue then is sound. You need a stereo receiver and 5.1+ or sound bar. You could easily spend another 500+. Quick fix is to hook up the xbox sound to the existing speakers for stereo sound and move them for movie night. My av reveiver has the ability to use 2 groups of speakers so I can use 5.1.2 or 2.0 with different speakers, so music comes through one set and movies comes through another set setup in a different orientation.


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As you have a Kuro TV, you'll be better of looking at JVC projectors (Pioneer even used JVC's when they dabbled into the projector market). Maybe look at the X35 on these forums all be it a little over your budget. I'm not sure on the history, but there is no harm in asking the seller

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