Help choose please: Thorens TD 402 Dd vs. Rega Planar 3


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Dear fellow vinyl lovers,

I am now using the Audio Technica LP3 as my first turntable for a year now and am looking for an upgrade. I am deciding between the Thorens TD 402 Dd and the Rega Planar 3. I understand that both of them are manual turntables and rated quite high in terms of quality (even though I love the automatic function of my AT LP3 where the tone arm returns automatically at the end of the disc, well I can get one of those tonearm lifter (the Q-up?) ).

I was suggested that I should get a new turntable as the AT LP3 preamp quality is not very good even if I turned the internal pre-amp off and connect to an external phono preamp (just bought the Schiit Mani) the sound wouldn't be as its best.

What are your recommendations for those 2 turntables or if you have any suggestions for other turntable at this price range, It would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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Whilst a better TT will bring improvements, what is it about your current setup you do not like? Have you tried the new Mani with your TT, does it improve the sound?

Before going for a new expensive TT, I would consider a cartridge upgrade first, perhaps one from the ATVM95 range. Also, what amp and speakers do you have, as the planar 3 is quite an upgrade over the LP3.


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Before going for a new expensive TT, I would consider a cartridge upgrade first
+1. In my experience, a cartridge change/upgrade is by far the most cost effective way to change/upgrade the sound from your TT. By far.


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Rega planar 3/Elys2 with the neo PSU and it can change speed at the push of a button which is a real bonus. IMO, it’s an amazing detailed sound for the money, my LP’s have a new lease of life.

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