Help choose between these 2 denon AVR for my Focal Dôme 5.1 kit


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I currently own a Denon AVR-1911 and a Focal Dôme 5.1 speaker kit. They are now 10 years old.

I want to replace the Denon with a newer model. At this point, I'm eyeing:
AVR-X2700H (about €600)
AVR-X3700H (about €1100)

I haven't looked at other AVR, I don't have the time and I'm now used to Denon. These models also fully support HDMI 2.1 in and out.

The 3700 costs almost the double than the 2700. I wish Denon had some additional price points in between.

All the features I need are present on both models. And I don't care about Atmos/DTS:X.

Some reviews really are impressed with the 3700 audio quality.
I want to believe that the 3700 will make my Focal sound better, but I also know that Focal Dôme are "entry level" speakers and they may not take advantage of the 3700H.

Do you think the X3700H is worth the extra €500 for my speakers?


A 2700 would probably be the best amp for your current speakers and as you have no interest in Atmos then there is little point in paying the extra for channels you are never going to use. The only advantage that the 3700 would give you even with just a base level speaker layout is in it's higher Audyssey EQ over the 2700. Could make the difference in a difficult room.

In your current layout and with the speakers you have I would take the X2700.


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... higher Audyssey EQ over the 2700. Could make the difference in a difficult room.
Thanks for the reply! I sketched my living room:

Is that a "difficult" room?


Room looks fine. If you have a wooden floor then a rug in front of the speakers would help soften up reflections from it. Good space behind the seating. I think you'll be fine with a 2700. A difficult room would have a lot of reflective surfaces such as big floor to ceiling glass doors, high ceilings a compromised screen position. Your room looks quite straight forward.


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Good, thanks a lot, I forgot the 3 windows on the bottom wall us but it seems that won't matter.
2700H it is!

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