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Hello guys,

I'm really new about separate system thus need help about the characteristic of the sound for Mordaunt short and Mission speakers. How the tonality for these two made. Specifically for:

Centre: Mordaunt short MS905C vs Mission 77C

Front: Mordaunt short MS906 vs Mission M74/774

Actually currently I have MS905C and paired with mission 702e. So want to get M74 and bring the 702e as surround. Is it acceptable match with MS905C or definitely I need 77C?

I really appreciate for the help. My AV is Sony STR-DH810

Many thanks.:thumbsup:


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I don't think mixing and matching makes and technologies between the L/R and C will end up with a similar sound quality at all... the MS905C has an aluminium tweeter and two 130mm aluminium woofers, whereas the Mission M74's have a 25mm textile dome and two 160mm glass composite cones.

Since you're already mixing and matching you might not mind at all, in which case there wouldn't be much of an issue with what you're trying to do. To be honest, all this matching business comes down to whether you can hear a difference and/or mind it and the differing designs.

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