Help! Cd or DVD player???



Hello, :lease:
I just have bought an amplifier Nad C352+PSB speakers.

I'm going to buy a CD player. But as I don't have DVD player, I thought I could buy a DVD player, so I'll have CD+DVD+Mp3 playing for less money than separate CD and DVD players.

But some people says that quite any DVD player in reasonable prices (up to 600$-700$) plays CD as well as a good CD player (of about 300$-400$).

But other people suggested me that DVD players like Pioneer DV-668AV-S or Nad T524 could play stereo CD's as well as a good CD player (for example a Nad C542).

So as most important for me is stereo CD playing (I don't care home cinema or 5.1), what choice is the best quality/price??

Thank you for your help!
given that you are speaking in $'s not £'s i doubt i can help you too much in actual models....

however i can say that as a general rule of thumb a DVD player if its good will still only equal a CD player 1/2-2/3rds its price at best on CD replay....with some being a lot to audition some and see what you think...

oh and dont just ignore a player because a few people dismiss it, depending on everything else in the chain the sound can be quite different when hooked up to different sytems.....

if CD is more what u looking to do tho, then go for a separate players, if however its more 50/50 or in favour of being used for DVD, or if you intend to buy DVD-A/SACD discs (do, please do, they wonderful) then get a more expensive DVD player and use it for CD....
I found that only the best DVD (read: universal) players are any good at CD's.
My expensive Marantz DV-9500 has a nice glowing sound (much better than the Denon 3910) but I still can't match my Chinese CD player of 200 pounds...

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