Question Help! Can't view DVD's on my Windows 10 laptop


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It's a long time now, over a year, since I used my Packard-bell Windows 10 laptop I stopped for two reasons mainly: it's the most croppy laptop I've ever had and it has switched me onto using my iPad

My problem is I now want to use it to watch a few DVD's over the summer holidays. When I place a DVD in the tray rather than the Film starting automatically as I would have expected it to do, the Store screen pops up with "Results for: DVD"

A few very elementary questions: is something wrong, am I missing a program, how do I view DVD's? The computer has updated itself

Thank for any advice



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DVDs payback requires licensing certain technologies and Microsoft decided not to include them in Windows 10, presumably because the DVD market was shrinking and people were wanting every cheaper laptops.

It's only the playback program that requires them, so there's nothing stopping third party media players being able to play DVDs on a Windows 10 system. Something like VLC or MPC-HC is likely to be able to.


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Thanks for the info EndlessWaves. As a matter of information which one would you suggest? There are a few commercial DVD's I'd love to be able to have on the iPad but I do appreciate that can be a different matter and can be tricky

Again thanks



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Try download VLC Media Player, which is free. Then go to Media > Open Disc, once your disc is in the tray and closed. This should allow you to open and play the DVD for free. Blu-ray is another story as that encryption is different. I think there are also a couple of others like Leawo that can do it for free on Windows.


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Their is in fact a DVD player on the Windows Store from Microsoft called "DVD Player" but you have to pay for it of course and there is little reason too with VLC and the like available.

If you wanted something a step above Corel WinDVD is pretty good but for DVD's really it's overkill, but it can also play Blu-ray's with menus legit.

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