Help - can't get my SKY working in Europe

Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by rupert, Jun 27, 2003.

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    Help! We have a satellite dish and a subscription to SKY and are living in Germany.

    We recently moved house and by the time we finally got round to getting the dish properly set up, it seemed to have stopped working.

    We know that it's in the right place cos we tried it out when we first moved into the new house and it worked fine but when we installed it properly, we were unable to pick up anything.

    Signal strength and quality are good but we are unable to lock on to a signal. The message of the screen says that no signal is being received.

    The problem is we are unable to call SKY about this cos they might realise we're not in the UK.

    I don't know if the dish has somehow been damaged or could it be because of the card? During the time the dish wasn't installed the new cards were issued. Could the old card have expired and because the new one wasn't initialised while the old one was working, the new one doesn't work either anymore?

    Or does anybody have other ideas? We're getting quite desparate.

    Grateful for any handy hints.

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    If the digibox is reporting no signal on every channel even those that are FTA (SKY News) then the status of the card obviously makes no difference.
    Since you have no lock on the default transponder there must be a hardware problem. First place to start would be the dish alignment followed by the LNB skew, both can be done by yourselves. Next would be the condition of the cable and the connection it's makes with the LNB and the digibox, a loose connection or water damaged cable can obliterate a signal.
    Finally the digibox tuner itself may be faulty, handled roughly while not in use or perhaps LNB connection removed while there was power.
    I would suspect it is a simple dish alignment problem, even without a lock you will still get signal readings regardless.

    Why not get a local installer to check the dish and LNB out, even without a smartcard a SKY digibox can pick up the FTA channels from 28.2 degrees so you can confirm the hardware works.
    When you are issued one of the new smartcards you have a small window to make the change over, if you do not then the old card is turned off. I do not honestly know if the swap over procedure works the same if you do not have a valid card in use when it's done but it can't see a reason why it won't.

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