Help! Can't get Doly Digital / DTS


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I have a Playstation2 as a DVD player connected via Toslink to a Pioneer VSX-859RDS amp and then on to Eltax Jupiter speakers.

I cannot seem to get the amp to detect anything other than Pro-Logic when playing a DVD. The amp is set to auto-detect and I do get sound through it although only the Pro Logic lamp is illuminated on the amp.

The PS2 only has the option to enable/disable optical out and this is enabled (it should output DD/DTS).

I have tried several DVD's including Ice Age, The Matrix and Gladiator (with both Dolby Digital and DTS options tested) but to no avail.

What am I doing wrong?


PS I have posted this in both the Amplifiers / Receivers and DVD Players forums as I am not sure where the problem is.


As well as setting your PS 2 for Optical out, and making sure it is set to DD as well. Have you set the Audio settings on the DVD menu ? Some of these you have to set yourself. Try it !



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I didn't realise I had to.

I will try that tonight. Thanks for the quick reply.

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