help- Canon Legria HF R27 unresponsive


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The internal memory on our HF R27 is full so I bought a Sandisk Ultra 20GB SDHC card but when selecting the card in the menu it highlighted it indicating it had been selected but when try to shoot it defaulted to the internal memory as a message popped up to say Built-in memosry is full.

We tried resetting but this didn't seem to acheive anything. Selecting the Function icon on the flip out screen now only shows up the Decoration and Zoom controls.

Canon say that it's a hardware fault and needs to go to an authorised repair agent, that sounds expensive. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to try first?



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You should format the SD card in the camera first, via the menu, although you could also transfer the files on the internal memory to a PC to free up the space if the SD card is failing.


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I've managed to access the menu function again now, I can select card slots A&B, I can highlight the card and it says there is a card in slot B with 31.9GB free. When I close the menu down and try to shoot I get the Built-in memory full error though. I'm sure it must be something simple!?


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It's a shame these "Messages" are so very vague and unless you already "Know" --- they are pretty useless.
As dosdan suggests you need to know what mode the Camcorder is shooting, but I'm probably guessing this is an issue "known" to the Mfr.
+Why not ask for a "free-assessment / Quote " ?

Yr original post#1 suggested you bought a 20Gb SD card - surely they are 16G, or 32Gb . . . .?

You could try deleting a short-file: - that might remove the "full" message - As I get the impression most memory-things like to have some "slack" to work faultlessly. Maybe the process reached the "Full" point and hadn't finished, so some more Data was written . . . making it super-full....
If you can play recorded clips, what stops you copying from the internal memory? ( -to yr PC HDD ), using a USB lead, perhaps? It might be this "Super-full" condition that prevents SD Cards being written . . . since the processor will (probably) use the internal RAM as a "Scratchpad" when creating video-media. If this is deemed Full, then it is really asking for some free-space.

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